Rashia Maeko

Rashia Headshot

Rashia is on the run. Running from her past, present and hoping to change her future, she has put everything she has into researching and finding a temple deep in the Mexican jungles. Along the way she has encountered many friends and foes, though mostly foes. Undaunted, Rashia continues battling her way towards her goal no matter what comes in her way.

Benson Oreheed

Benson Headshot

Benson is an ex-military black ops now working as a mercenary for hire. Even before leaving the military, not much was known about Benson and the years after haven’t changed much. Armed with the latest technology in stealth and used to being behind enemy lines, Benson is hired by Rashia to help her acquire a means of which to travel to Mexico.

Markell Kritz

Markell Headshot

Markell is a werewolf in the employ of FTC under the leadership of Jayce. Markell often ends up on the tougher assignments due to his unique nature and ability to handle deadly environments. Originally on the scene when Rashia decides to steal a prototype jet from the base he was stationed at, Markell follows Rashia as she flees the United States.

Alejandro Romero

Alejandro Headshot

Alejandro is the leader of the underground rebellion in the town of Martillo Caída. The rebellion formed to try and free the town of the crushing grip of FTC after they showed up suddenly and essentially took the town off the map. FTC is actively trying to shut down the rebellion, and with each success has been making life harder and harder for Alejandro and his rebellion.


Jayce Headshot

Jayce is a powerful leader with the FTC organization. Tough, fearless and constantly demanding perfection has caused her to be feared and respected by her agents. When Rashia showed up on her radar, Jayce sent Markell to follow her. She has since decided to take a more active role in learning about Rashia and her actions.

Llarren Laseraph

Llarren Laseraph - Headshot

Llarren is a specialist within FTC. Often called on for his skills in tracking and assassination, Llarren is in high demand and only shows up when other options have been exhausted. Llarren has a perfect record at FTC and is often utilized by Jayce for exactly that reason. His skills and success rate are why Jayce tolerates his flirtatious attitude.