Two of our main characters in A Drop of Blood, Jayce and Rashia!  Jayce is first introduced in Issue 1, Page 17 when Rashia is fighting Markell.  The prototype gunship that Rashia had stolen was enough to grab time from Jayce’s busy schedule.  Rashia doesn’t actually talk to Jayce until later in Issue 2, Page 6.  Though she didn’t know it at the time, this encounter showed Jayce that there was far more going on than a thief in one of FTC’s bases.  Gathering information from her agents on the ground, and utilizing Markell, Jayce engineered the situation that Rashia finds herself in now.  Jayce is one of the higher ranking officers of FTC and, even without her powers, commands respect and obedience from her subordinates.  Nothing irks her quite like an agent taking matters into his or her own hands and ruining a plan that she has meticulously put in motion.

This image was a sketch of the two female leads in the story, thought I’d share it with you!  Development of Issue four is underway, we’re hoping to have more pages out to you as soon as we can.  In the mean time I’ll be posting little quips about the characters of our story!

I’ve investigated books and have even found a printer!  Currently it stands that price per book maybe be right around $5 per issue, though I plan to get some proof copies first to see what it will look like.  If you’re interested in a copy, or even if not, stop on by our Facebook page to say hello!