Hey everyone! Sorry for the silence, been a little crazy these last couple of weeks. Jeff and are busy pumping out the pages for Issue V, and we will likely get going next week!

~~ Warning, Previous Issue SPOILERS Below ~~

Benson is an elusive mercenary who takes his job perhaps a little too seriously. To even hire him, the prospective client must dirty their hands just to acquire what he demands as payment. Without many other choices, Rashia managed to gather up the necessary payment but it wasn’t easy. Once she had managed to contact and pay him, together they took on a military base in an effort to secure a prototype jet being stored there. Benson proved to be instrumental in helping Rashia get into the base and make her way to the prototype. After that, he even assisted briefly in her escape of the base. The last Rashia saw of Benson, he was busy buying time for her escape as she flew out of the base.