Markell started out his journey with Rashia by first encountering her at a para-military stronghold that he was stationed at. His duty was to protect a prototype bomber that Rashia promptly stole after she infiltrated the base. Unwilling to just let his objective vanish into the air, Markell jumped aboard the aircraft while it was taking off. Once inside he attempted to kill Rashia, but the following fight ends with him being greatly wounded via shotgun to the gut. The wound forces him to transform into in order to quickly regenerate and once more take on Rashia.

In his greater form, he quickly overpowers Rashia and dumps her out of the bomber in mid-flight. Unfortunately for Markell, this didn’t stop her and he was forced to jump out after her. A relatively short battle later, they both realize that they’ll be shot down if they don’t cooperate. This is the first time Markell sides with Rashia and results in their victory against their foes. However, Rashia takes advantage of the moment and abandons Markell to a flame-filled crash.

After barely surviving the crash, he is met by and is instructed to continue following Rashia into the nearby town, where a rebellion against his organization has sprung up. He tails Rashia until she leads him straight to the leaders of the rebellion where life finally takes a positive turn for Markell. He brings her back to a prison to be interrogated, but is forced to chase after her again when she escapes. When he catches up to her, he realizes that a sniper from his own organization is not just shooting at Rashia but him as well! He sides with Rashia again, and this time decides he may have better chances staying with his new allies.