Rashia has gone through a lot to get where she is now. First it was storming a military stronghold with the aid of Benson – an enigmatic mercenary with some incredible equipment. Then stealing a prototype bomber from that bad and flying it out past the border of Mexico. Unfortunately her trip was cut short by Markell and she was forced to flee to a nearby town to escape. From there she accidentally found her way into the hideout of a underground rebellion fighting against the very people chasing her from the military base.

The ending of that encounter went badly as Markell had managed to follow her trail. Captured and taken into custody, she was interrogated by Jayce who forced her to relive some of her most painful memories. Despite the pain of her past, Rashia manages to make her escape when given a moment alone. She grabs Alejandro on her way out and they fight their way to freedom.

Now, after events took a strange turn with Markell, she finds herself traveling with Markell and Alejandro towards a place that Markell insists will give her insight into what has happened to life.