Another fun image of Rashia and Markell.  Originally in the script, Markell was much more of a small appearance in the long scheme of things.  His role in chasing after Rashia when she stole the gunship was always a given, but early in scripting Markell doesn’t actually fall with Rashia.  Instead, he was going to utilize the gunship’s formidable array of weaponry to bring down the jet that Rashia lands on.  The exact manner of how Rashia got down onto the jets chasing her gunship went through several iterations as well before what happened in the comic was settled on.  All of the possibilities relied on her powers, though the means was different.

Markell, after dumping Rashia out of the gunship, releases air-borne mines while Rashia is dealing with the jets.  The end result was Rashia ended up crashing by herself and Markell flew off in the gunship, not to be heard of again in the comic!  How things turned out was definitely a better turn of events, however.

Other news!  Sketches of the new pages have already begun and we’re hoping to have next week’s update be the start of Issue IV!  Good times ahead, and once again thank you all for reading.  More to come along soon.